Types of commercial windows and their different uses

There are different types of materials, frames and sizes to suit different types of commercial windows, to suit all tastes and needs, as well as high thermal performance characteristics.

Here in North America, windows provide different uses for buildings. They are needed for ventilation and access to daylight. They also offer an aesthetic diversity that blends perfectly with any decor. By their size and placement on the wall, they create an atmosphere in a room that can be defined as a specific use.

Awning window

This window is becoming increasingly popular in Quebec. Its configuration allows for improved visibility and ventilation in building design, especially on top of the wall. This type of window can be opened even on rainy days, as it prevents water from penetrating. The windows are commonly used in businesses, institutions, office buildings and are very popular even in contemporary homes. It can be seen everywhere.

Sliding window

As we all know, such horizontal sliding double pane windows are widely used in Quebec. It offers an unobstructed exterior visual quality. This type of opening allows maximum air intake and all costs are low. Nowadays, the sliding panels are made of thermo-welded glass like any other type of window, and have a locking system that can rotate the panel for easy cleaning.


Its inward opening on the horizontal axis facilitates safe air circulation. This is why this type of window is often used in schools. This type of opening is rarely used in residential areas, which is different from the situation in which it is often used in factories.

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Nowadays, windows are made of several materials with different characteristics.

The different types of materials :


Polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic polymer. PVC windows are the most common in Quebec, especially in the residential sector. This material offers several advantages: very good energy efficiency, good price/performance ratio, durability, recyclability and ecology.


Aluminum windows are slightly more expensive, but still have some good advantages. It allows for larger openings, can be adapted to different types of projects, provides thinner glasses to see outside better, and in addition to offering good energy performance, it can also emit light. Because of these good features, aluminum windows are popular in commercial, public and office building categories.


The hybrid window means that it is made of two materials. The most commonly used are wood (interior) and aluminum (exterior). This mix of materials brings benefits to everyone, as it has a warm appearance while maintaining its durability. The best of both worlds!

Here is an overview of the most popular types of windows in Quebec. However, there are many other possibilities, whether it is the shape, the size, the style or the integrated accessories (like posts, stained glass or solar film), you can find your own account with us.

The choices are varied and defined by your needs, budget and taste. It is also important to understand the style of the building, especially if there are certain requirements that need to be met when replacing the windows, and it is also important to understand your area. Once determined, you can easily eliminate certain types of windows and materials and make a wise and beneficial choice.

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